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Corso d'inglese - Lesson 61

Costruire frasi interrogative.

ESERCIZIO: Rendi interrogative le frasi a seguire: They are good students. - She works in Paris. - Peter can speak French and Spanish. - They like tea. - He plays the piano in a pub. - Simon studied Italian when he was in Rome. - Jerry is going on holiday next month. - Sheila likes fast cars. - The schools had been built two years before. - Russian is a difficult language to learn. - They went to school by car. - They were playing tennis. - Peter bought a new book last month. - They can speak English. - He plays football on Wednesdays. - They are going to visit their friends next week. - The journey will take twelve hours. - She saw Mary at the bus stop last night. - You usually have cereal and milk for breakfast.

ESERCIZIO: Rendi affermative le seguenti frasi interrogative: Does Robert go to school by car? - Did Julia work in a bank? - Did they meet Peter in Madrid last month? - Has he just had his breakfast? - Are they going on holiday? - Does Beth get up early in the morning?

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